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StandzUp - Ergonomic Laptop & Monitor Stands
StandzUp, the home of the widest range of Ergonomic Laptop and Monitor Stands that will transform your work, home or personal workspace in to beautiful, ergonomic and functional office backdrops. We understand that technology has given us the freedom and convenience to do almost anything we want and anywhere we want, but given how integrated we are with our devices these days, it can make it difficult to reduce the amount of time we spend on them. 
We understand, while laptops give us the ability to move about, flexibility of work location, speed and ease of use, experts advise the side effects of the "screen slouch" can cause a number of varying physical and mental perfomance issues. In particular, poor digestion, back, neck & shoulder pain, poor circulation, fatigue and reduced motivation levels are among the most common complaints due to the extra pressure put on our bodies from slouching for extended periods of time.
That's where StandzUp steps in, our mission is not only to improve your comfort, posture and productivity but to also transform your home, work and personal work spaces in to beautiful & functional backdrops.
We have the largest range of ergonomic laptop & monitor stands ideal for any work space. For very little investment, you can dramatically improve your work life and productivity. Whether you work in an office, at home or even remotely, we'll have something to suit your needs. The time is now to make a significant difference in your performance and overall health with one of StandzUp's Laptop Stands!
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