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What Is A Laptop Stand?

While laptops have been a life changing invention that have benefited most of us around the world, they do fall short when it comes to our physical body.

Experts advise, its low screen positioning and fixed keyboard make it almost impossible to use in a proper ergonomic position forcing users into awkward postures, causing neck and shoulder pain, and diminished comfort. 

A laptop stand is a brilliant tool that transforms your computer into an ergonomic work space - improving the performance of both the laptop as well as it's user. With the screen closer to eye-level it reduces the amount of slouching and discomfort for users. Most stands also offer better heat dissipation preventing laptops from overheating. 

Who Are Laptop Stands Best For?

Anyone that spends more than a few hours a day on a laptop will benefit from a laptop stand. If you find yourself with a stiff neck or shoulders, laptop stands can help correct your posture and improve comfort. Basically, if your someone that uses a laptop often, a laptop stand is an excellent investment.

How Can A Laptop Stand Help Me?

The laptop is a great tool for working but experts advise, its low screen positioning and fixed keyboard makes it almost impossible to use in a proper ergonomic position forcing users into awkward postures, causing neck & shoulder pain and diminished comfort. By raising your screen to eye-level, a laptop stand can eliminate the strain of slouching and improve your posture overall.

What Size Laptop Will Fit On A Laptop Stand?

Most laptop stands have been designed to be compatible with laptops and notebooks of all sizes. Each individual product will specify what size they will fit.

What To Look For In A Laptop Stand?

Choosing a laptop or monitor stand doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive and if you really need something, even a stack of books could work (albeit poorly).

These are the things you might want to consider when choosing a laptop and monitor stand:

Adjustability - Laptop stands have been designed to enable you to work in the most comfortable of positions. So, make sure the stand you choose meets your needs for height and angle preferences.

Portability - If you're someone that constantly uses your laptop on the go, you will want to choose a stand that is both portable and lightweight.

Style - Even though laptop stands were invented for better ergonomics and functionality, you still want to be able to appreciate it's look within your workspace. Some have a more aesthetic appeal while others feature a more modest design.

Features - Apart from the obvious purpose of laptop stands, many of them come with additional features such as cooling capabilities, cable management and extra storage. Consider what elements are important to you and if you can't pick which ones, we have options where you can have them all.

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